How to Remove Pet Odors

How to Remove Pet Odors

Remove cat urine odor out of carpet

Have you ever entered a home that had an overwhelming smell of cat urine or wet dog?

Many of us have, and it’s unpleasant to say the least. Maybe this is your home, and you’re looking to get rid of a stubborn urine stain or lingering pet odor. Luckily, removing these
nuisances may be easier than you are anticipating, and we’re here to help.
Removing animal odors and stains is what we’re often called upon to do, and we are happy to let you in on the secret.
When your feline friend doesn’t make it to the litter box for some reason or another, blotting only does so much to save your carpet. The same could be said for rinsing with cold water and vacuuming the soiled area. Although these practices may help some when the urine stain is new, removing stains that have already set in is a different story.

Advice for removing pet odors

Many folks try to remove smells from carpet with products available at local retailers. This is most often a mistake. Here are two bits of advise to save yourself time and money:

Avoid Steam Cleaning

If you hope to remove a newly-found, soiled spot and its accompanying odor, which we’re assuming most would, it is important to avoid using steam cleaners. The heat they produce will permanently set the urine stain, in which case you may have to remove and replace that portion of your carpet.

Avoid using chemical cleaners

It is also essential to avoid using any chemical cleaners, especially those that contain ammonia. This will actually encourage your cat or dog to continually mark the same spot on your carpet. Not to mention, these harmful chemicals will only mask smells temporarily, rather than remove them completely, and do next to nothing for the removal of urine stains.

These are major cleaning errors that all pet owners should be aware of. Now let’s talk about what you can do, rather than what you should avoid.

The solution to removing pet odors, not masking them!

Dry carpet cleaning is extremely effective in removing animal odors and stains. Our dry carpet cleaning process is all natural and the compound is biodegradable, unlike chemical cleaners, making it safe to use around your family and pets. This eco-friendly method of removing pet odors and urine stains will improve indoor air quality for a long-lasting clean that leaves your home smelling fresh and your carpet looking like new.

Dry carpet cleaning is a quick and easy way to remove urine stains and pet odors for good. Once you’ve taken this step, you will be able to confidently invite over guests knowing that your home smells as good as new.

Ozone Odor removal

Ozone odor removal is the only way to completely remove pet odors with out introducing harmful chemicals into your home. The process completely breaks down the molecules that cause the odors thereby completely and permanently removing them from the effected area.