Professional Carpet Cleaning to Remove Pet Stains and Odors


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Our furry friends are a vital part of every pet-owning family. Unfortunately, that does sometimes mean that our beloved “furbabies” leave surprises for us around the house, leading to stains and lasting odors. Every pet owner knows that if you don’t clean a pet stain properly, the chances are high that it will be a recurring behavior of your pets. Professional carpet cleaning to remove pet stains and odors is your answer. Not only will professional carpet cleaning to remove pet stains and odors lengthen the life of your carpet, it will also reduce the chances of recurrence of marking or “messing” behavior of your pets. Complete carpet cleaning for pet stains and odors is a whole process.

4 Steps: Professional Carpet Cleaning to Remove Pet Stains and Odors

With our professional dry carpet cleaning process combined with our Ozone Treatment, we don’t simply clean up the mess and call it good. We eliminate the odors and spots completely, leaving the air in your home purified and odor-free. Ozone is a powerful sterilizer that naturally kills germs, bacteria and viruses, which improves indoor air quality and health significantly.

Identify and Remove the Source of the Odor

The first step is to find where the carpet odor is coming from. You can’t simply clean up the mess and not expect the stain to go away. We clean up the debris and mess from your pet, preparing for the next step of carpet cleaning.

Carpet Pre-Treatment

Many times the debris from the spill or mess seeps through the carpet fibers and into the padding beneath. To combat this, our pre-treatment solution must be applied to the carpet, breaking up the proteins that are trapping the stain within the carpet fibers and padding.

Carpet Spot Removal

With our specialized carpet cleaning equipment and compounds, we will completely break down and remove the offending spot. In this process, the bacteria that is within the actual carpet fibers will be killed off and removed, and your carpet will be cleaned from the top surface down through the padding.

Prevention or Recurrence

The process that we use to identify, pre-treat and remove the spots and odors from your carpet effectively leave your carpet fresh and clean. But that is only part of stain and odor issues. The biggest thing, once your carpet is clean, is to prevent recurrence of the stain. That means, without a doubt all parts of your pet’s mess needs to be dealt with – with no lasting odors or spots. Then, if your pet continues to exhibit behavior that they may be tempted to make a mess in other areas of your home, you may want to work on some behavior modification with your pets to break them of the habit. Reducing the chance of you needing professional carpet cleaning to remove pet stains and odors again.

Professional Carpet Cleaning to remove pet stains and odors in Minnesota

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