How to Get Rid of Cigarette Smoke Odors

Remove smoke odors in your homeOne of the more common issues we treat is smoke due to cigarettes and cigars. Cigarette smoke odors and odors from cigars will get into furniture, clothes, carpets, on walls and woodwork, and anywhere else air is. Cigarette smoke is a nasty smell and one of the more challenging odors to remove.

Smoke odors are expensive to get rid of!

Realtors have lost potential buyers, due to their refusal to look at the homes of smokers. Property managers struggle with cleaning units where smokers have lived, and home sellers quite often sell their homes for a significantly reduced price. Automobile and RV dealers are stuck with inventory that doesn’t sell due to the lingering smell of cigarette smoke in the vehicles.

Can cigarette smoke odors be removed?

The answer: Cigarette Smoke odors can be eliminated! Do not be fooled by the odor masking chemicals available in home improvement stores. These highly marketed products only mask odors rather than remove them. Some of these products and/or fixes that typically are used are vinegar and water, Kilz, paint, air fresheners and/or purifiers and opening windows. If these techniques work, odors will not return. However, these products do not remove the odor; they only mask it and even then, it is only temporary – The odors will come back!

boom_04Ozone: Permanent Odor Removal!

Ozone is one of the most cost-effective, eco-friendly, and safe tools used to eliminate odors permanently. Ozone odor removal is a safe process that uses an ozone generator to produce an atmosphere much like that of one created when lightning strikes. Oxygen atoms bond with the odor causing molecules to form a stable compound that results in the odor molecules changing to a non-odor causing molecule. The 3 P’s of Ozone are pets, plants and people. This means that during the Ozone process, pets, plants and people need to be removed from the areas being treated. Once the treatment is finished, the once high levels of Ozone return to safe levels and the treated areas are ready for use again. And, the unpleasant odor is gone!