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Laura Koski Ridgeview Place Assisted Living
We have been very pleased with the professionalism and courtesy delivered by Jay and Elizabeth Kellner! We recently called upon them when flipping an apartment and they were prompt and very reasonably priced. Jay did an excellent job…the odor is gone! We look forward to the future business opportunities and would highly recommend the services of Odor Eliminators to others!
Marie K
Odor Eliminators did a wonderful job to remove the mold spores and mildew from my home. I purchased a home a year ago, and it was in pretty bad shape with animal damage. I did everything, I mean everything I could to fix the problem. OE took care of that air bourne spores and mold mildew remaining. The smell is GONE!
Jenifer O
I work as Business Link Manager at Brandl Motors. We recently accepted a trade-in vehicle. The vehicle reeked of cigarette smoke; we called Odor Eliminators. They demonstrated their ozone odor eliminating technology on the vehicle prior to it being detailed. A day later when I had the opportunity to sit in the vehicle, it smelled like a fresh meadow. The vehicle was then detailed and since has been sold to one happy customer. Thank you, Liz, at Odor Eliminators!
Kim F
I am writing to express my complete satisfaction of the services provided by Odor Eliminators. I am especially pleased with the professionalism and timeliness given. Having had my furniture in storage for 4 years, I’m sure you can imagine the musty smell it had. Not only did Odor Eliminators eliminate the odor in the furniture, it gave the entire house a fresh, clean smell. I highly recommend this company. I will be calling them again. 🙂
This is an amazing process. I can live in my apartment without breathing issues due to a cat allergy. thank u 😉
Tom S
I have an older home, and we are currently working on improving our kitchen. We scheduled a contractor to install new cabinets. Before the new cabinets could be installed, we needed to remove our floating wood floor. When we removed the old floor, I discovered some discoloration and a musty smell. I had Jay and Liz come in and treat our house. They came in at 8 am and the treatment was done by the time I got home from work. All of the musty smell was gone and has not come back. When I cleaned the floor, I noticed several patches of discolored old tile wiped clean. I don’t know if it was mold or what was there but after I had removed the old floor I mopped the floor, and the spots did not come up. When Odor Eliminators were finished, the spots came up with just a towel. I was very impressed with the fresh, clean smell of the house. I am very satisfied with the work they have done for me and would not hesitate to recommend them to remove any odors you might have.
Erik H
When some garbage was inadvertently left in my trunk for five days, Elizabeth and Jay came to my rescue! The odor was eliminated, and my car was returned to a state in which my nose could smile as I drove.” Jay and Elizabeth are great to work with. They are knowledgeable, reasonably priced, and very reliable. Odor Eliminators – they really do get the stink out! Thanks so much!






Professional Carpet Cleaning Company St Cloud & Minneapolis, MN – Dry process

Finding the time to get your carpets cleaned can be a real hassle when trying to balance a variety of other things: work schedules, kids’ schedules, pets, etc. The inconvenience does not end here. Many carpet cleaning companies will give you a time window, not knowing exactly when they will arrive. Add having to wait for your carpet to dry afterward may take hours or days.

Odor Eliminators offers a professional and hassle-free service that works around your busy schedule. Professional carpet cleaning can be scheduled outside of traditional work hours.

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clean living room carpet

Your go-to professional carpet cleaning company in St Cloud, MN & MPLS, MN.

We utilize a dry carpet cleaning process that sets us apart from our competitors who use a wet process leaving carpets soggy for sometimes days. Our professional carpet cleaning process quickly removes dirt, spots, and unwanted odors from daily use, pets, and cigarette smoke without the hassle and health concerns of wet carpet. The dry process carpet cleaning is all natural and the carpet cleaning compound is biodegradable making it safe for your family and pets. It is safe for all types of carpet as well. Dry carpet cleaning cleans carpets better than chemical based wet carpet cleaning and eliminates odors completely while lifting matted carpet pile to make it look like new.



Clean bedroom carpetOdor Eliminators professional carpet cleaning service removes spots, unwanted odors, dirt from everyday foot traffic better than the competition for a longer-lasting clean and renewing your carpet to a newer looking state. Whether it be the undesirable smell of cat urine, cigarette smoke or that musty basement odor, we’ve got you covered. Unlike traditional carpet cleaning services, which use potentially harmful chemicals to temporarily mask these smells, our dry carpet cleaning service eliminates odors completely while lifting matted pile to provide you with carpet that looks and feels like new.

That’s why Odor Eliminators offers a hassle-free, dry carpet cleaning service that works on your schedule. Our services are tailored for those with busy calendars, allowing us to get in when it’s convenient for you and provide a deep cleaning that doesn’t have to dry for hours afterwards.


Professional carpet cleaning – dry process – is preferable to shampoo or steam cleaning for several reasons:

No waiting for your carpet to dry because of the low-moisture cleaner we use. The high humidity and dampness produced by a shampoo or steam cleaning may allow for mold and mildew growth, which is not a concern with dry carpet cleaning. There is no need for carpet fans or furniture protectors. In fact, you are able to walk on yourFamily on a clean carpet carpet during the cleaning process and immediately after its completion furniture can be returned to its proper place.

Our professional carpet cleaning process and technique does NOT leave behind any residue, which is known to attract dirt and cause re-soiling. Odor Eliminator’s deep cleaning dry carpet cleaning system will keep your carpets clean longer, and leave your home smelling fresh.

The compound is safe for all types of carpet and is recommended by many carpet manufacturers for cleaning natural carpet fibers, such as wool.

Our dry carpet cleaning process is all natural and biodegradable. This eco-friendly method may improve the air quality in your home or work space, and is safe to use around your family and pets.


Professional Carpet Cleaning services and Hassle Free scheduling with old fashioned customer service!

Our professional carpet cleaning process service is preferred by many not only for our unique dry carpet cleaning process, but also our professional and hassle-free service that works around your busy schedule. We are flexible and able to arrange a carpet cleaning outside of traditional work hours. We can also provide our service immediately after a consultation rather than scheduling the cleaning for another time. This will save you time and money.

dry carpet cleaning process

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