10 Best Carpet Cleaning Tips in Maple Grove, Minnesota

I want clean carpet!

Odor Eliminator Customer
Jay and Liz from Odor Eliminators came to our house on SHORT NOTICE because we were expecting house guests. We had a lot of questions on the dry process for carpet cleaning because we had never went this route before.  They answered them all in great detail and explained the process very thoroughly.  Our granddaughter was just starting to crawl and we have pets so this was a concern for us.  Jay explained to us that the dry process was all natural and safe for the baby and our pets.  I now feel comfortable with our granddaughter crawling on the carpet.  The stains are removed and our carpets look and smell amazing. Thank You Odor Eliminators!!!
Sharon Decker, Agent Janel Morgan team at ReMax
Huge shout out to Odor Eliminators … My clients were preparing for their first showing; 3 boys and a lot of traffic…their carpets needed attention, Jay came out that morning, did an incredible job.  First impressions are everything … Bam! House Sold!! Thank you!!
Kelly Block
This guy doesn’t clean carpet, he works MAGIC! I cannot believe how amazingly new our carpet looks! He started off the process with spraying his special potion on the surface. He then sprinkled his magic dust and used his magic wand to work the magic ingredients into the carpet! He then finished the process by using his magic vacuum that he rode away on! Hahaha thank you so much for the great job you did today!
Kim F
I am writing to express my complete satisfaction of the services provided by Odor Eliminators. I am especially pleased with the professionalism and timeliness given. Having had my furniture in storage for 4 years, I’m sure you can imagine the musty smell it had. Not only did Odor Eliminators eliminate the odor in the furniture, it gave the entire house a fresh, clean smell. I highly recommend this company. I will be calling them again. 🙂
This is an amazing process. I can live in my apartment without breathing issues due to a cat allergy. thank u 😉
Tom S
I have an older home, and we are currently working on improving our kitchen. We scheduled a contractor to install new cabinets. Before the new cabinets could be installed, we needed to remove our floating wood floor. When we removed the old floor, I discovered some discoloration and a musty smell. I had Jay and Liz come in and treat our house. They came in at 8 am and the treatment was done by the time I got home from work. All of the musty smell was gone and has not come back. When I cleaned the floor, I noticed several patches of discolored old tile wiped clean. I don’t know if it was mold or what was there but after I had removed the old floor I mopped the floor, and the spots did not come up. When Odor Eliminators were finished, the spots came up with just a towel. I was very impressed with the fresh, clean smell of the house. I am very satisfied with the work they have done for me and would not hesitate to recommend them to remove any odors you might have.
Erik H
When some garbage was inadvertently left in my trunk for five days, Elizabeth and Jay came to my rescue! The odor was eliminated, and my car was returned to a state in which my nose could smile as I drove.” Jay and Elizabeth are great to work with. They are knowledgeable, reasonably priced, and very reliable. Odor Eliminators – they really do get the stink out! Thanks so much!

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10 Best Carpet Cleaning Tips Maple Grove

We know how it goes: you’ve got beautiful carpet in your living, perfect to match your favorite decor and furniture. And then, as you watch in horror, the dog runs across the carpet with wet, muddy paws. What are you going to do?!? Have no fear; we’ve got the best carpet cleaning tips Maple Grove!

carpet cleaning tips maple groveWhat Am I Going to Do?!

Professional carpet cleaners do the best job at getting stains, spills, and odors out of your carpet. They are often your best line of defense against carpet stains. But keep in mind, there are some quick and easy ways to clean up the mess, or at least do damage control. Here are some DO’s and DON’Ts of carpet cleaning Maple Grove.

Most Importantly: Don’t Wait!

When you notice a stain, spot, or pet mess, clean the area immediately. Follow the tips below and do your to keep the stain from setting. If the substance seeps into the carpet fibers and the padding, you could be looking at a more extensive cleaning process. Remove the debris as best you can. With liquid stains, it’s best to gently dab the area clean with a white cloth. More solid residue can be removed gently or by vacuuming the area. Immediately scrubbing the stain may permanently damage the carpet or cause the stain to not come out.

Cleaning Stain in CarpetDon’t Scrub the Stain

Blot – don’t scrub! – the area with a white cloth. This will help avoid grinding the debris or soaking the liquid deeper into the carpet fibers. This, in turn, makes it more difficult to remove. You love your pet, but you don’t want dark muddy spots as a permanent reminder of your furry friend. Scrubbing the stain, as with any type of cleaning on fabric can make the situation worse! Using a white cloth to blot will further ensure that you don’t make the stain worse by introducing a new color or dye into the mix.

Test the Carpet for Colorfastness

In order to confidently remove the stain and have no remaining marks on your carpet, it’s important to test your carpet. Your carpet is made up of fibers that are essentially dyed. This will make sure the color will not fade, bleed or otherwise be ruined by your efforts. Test a small area of the same carpet, such as in the back of a closet or other hidden area. If your carpet looks fine after spot-treating the hidden area, you are good to go on cleaning up the major stain.


Don’t Dive in Head First

Before you immediately run for the carpet cleaners or harsh chemicals, try to get the stain out with water. Sometimes (depending on the substance), using water will do the trick. In the very least, it will help you dilute a liquid or break up any solid mess. Be sure to rinse the area really well, and then dry it. The easier you are on your carpet, the longer it is going to last.

 carpet cleaning tips maple grovePre-Treat the Area

After you’ve tried to blotted out the debris and determined that plain water will not do the trick, it’s time to pre-treat the area with your chosen cleaner. This will allow the cleaner to saturate the carpet in that section. Allow the pre-treatment to saturate the carpet fibers all the way down to the pad of the carpet, to make sure you get all of the stain out.

 Don’t Forget to Rinse with Water

Rinsing your carpet stain with water after you clean it will allow you to see if your efforts were fruitful. It’s also important to do this to avoid getting build-up on your carpet after you are done. Also, if your carpet isn’t completely clean, any dirt or debris will collect on that spot.

Use a Steam Cleaner or Rug Shampooer

A steam cleaning machine or rug shampooer can be a good investment if you have children and/or pets. The hot water along with the suction allows for the deepest and most thorough clean for non-professional carpet cleaning. Renting a steam cleaner or shampooer can be another option.

carpet cleaning tips maple groveWork From the Edges of the Stain

To avoid the stain spreading or getting worse, start on edge of the stain and work your way inward toward the middle. Dabbing from the edges will help you avoid accidentally re-staining the area surrounding the spot.

Use a Fan to Speed Up the Drying Process

Letting your carpet air-dry might sound like the smart thing to do, but it’s actually the opposite. Fans and specialized equipment will allow the moisture in the carpet to evaporate more quickly. This will help you avoid the possibility of mildew and mold to grow in your home, as damp carpet and fabrics can trap the moisture, giving it a warm place to grow.

Preventative Carpet Cleaning Tips Maple Grove

carpet cleaning tips Along with the suggestions above, we also have some tips for prevention of stains, dirt build-up and other carpet fiascos.

  • Use welcome mats to collect debris and to prevent them from being tracked into the house
  • Have a “shoes off” rule in your home
  • Deep clean your carpets regularly to keep ahead of the mess
  • Vacuum often, using cross-wise strokes to pull up as much dirt and debris as possible
  • Use HEPA filters in your vacuum and on your furnace to trap allergens

Try Eco-Friendly Options

There are many different organic ways you can clean your carpets, not just with a stain, but your entire carpet, as well. Club soda and vinegar are two popular eco-friendly options for carpet cleaning. You can also use baking soda, lemon juice and salt, ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide to clean your carpet or to spot-clean.