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Odor Eliminators is a family owned and operated business providing carpet cleaning and odor elimination services for Alexandria, MN – Carpet cleaning Alexandria MN

Clean living room carpetBenefits of Dry Carpet Cleaning:

  • You do not have to wait for your carpet to dry because of the low-moisture cleaner we use. The high humidity and dampness produced by a shampoo or steam cleaning may allow for mold and mildew growth, which can be avoided with our dry carpet cleaning technique. There is no need for carpet fans or furniture protectors. In fact, you can walk on your carpet during the cleaning process and immediately after its completion furniture can be returned to its proper place.
  • Dry carpet cleaning compound contains a balanced blend of moisture, detergent and a small amount of safe-to-use solvents that comes ready to use. This process eliminates the hassle of filling and dumping messy water tanks, as well as the mixing of chemicals.
  • Dry carpet cleaning technique does NOT leave behind any residue, which is known to attract dirt and cause re-soiling. This deep clean will keep your carpets clean longer, and leave your home smelling fresh. The compound we use is safe for all types of carpet and is recommended by many carpet manufacturers for cleaning natural carpet fibers, such as wool.
  • Our dry carpet cleaning process is all natural, and the compound is biodegradable. This eco-friendly method may improve the air quality in your home or workspace, and is safe to use around your family and pets.

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Alexandria MN Professional Carpet Cleaning ServicesCarpet Cleaning services in Minnesota

Odor Eliminators uses a dry carpet cleaning process. The process quickly removes spots, dirt, and unwanted odors from carpet. The dry carpet cleaning process is all natural, the cleaner is biodegradable, and it is DRY, making it safe for your family and pets. It is safe for all types of carpet, as well.

This method of carpet cleaning eliminates odors completely while lifting matted carpet pile to make it look like new. Odor Eliminators offers a hassle-free and professional service to work around your busy schedule and can be scheduled outside of traditional work hours.

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Dry Carpet Cleaning advantages:

Clean traffic areas

 No musty carpet smells

Remove smoke and pet odors

No chance for mold to develop from wet carpet

Use carpet immediately after cleaning

Remove spots and stains

No harsh chemicals used

Renew carpet pile

Carpet cleaning services alexandria mnOdor Eliminators Hassle-Free Carpet Cleaning

Finding the right time to get your carpets cleaned can be a real hassle when trying to balance work schedules, kids’ schedules, pets, etc. and having to plan for how long it will take for carpets to dry. Odor Eliminators offers a hassle-free, dry carpet cleaning service that works on your schedule. Our services are tailored for those with busy calendars, allowing us to get in when it’s convenient for you, and provide a deep cleaning that doesn’t have to dry for hours afterward.

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