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Where do most Sanitizers Fail?

As soon as typical sanitizers dry, the opportunity for bacteria and odors start all over again. BioZone Protectant is an antimicrobial surface treatment that works 24/7 for as long as three months.

The BioZone System interrupts the three ways germs are transferred. In fact, every surface in the facility becomes a bacteria-fighting part of infection control.  Bacteria and germs simply have no safe place to land, colonize, or spread.

Harsh, toxic chemicals are commonly used to sanitize offices, but they don’t sanitize for very long. BioZone is not a chemical reaction.  It is a mechanical process for which there is no immunity. There is real value in BioZone’s antimicrobial power, odor removal, and allergen control that is found nowhere else. BioZone Protectant is the best antimicrobial surface treatment.


Sanitize Sports Equipment, Sports Gear, and Gyms

Sanitized sports equiment

Every surface can be a transfer point for infections, even if it is clean.  Hands are the second most important infection transfer concern. Gym equipment and sport uniforms are just as bad.

The BioZone System strikes at the BIG THREE disease transfer points.  Professional treatment of the facility turns every surface into a bacteria fighting ally.  BioZone Hand Sanitizer allows hands to be germ resistant for hours.  Treating uniforms and sport gear with BioZone means that odors and germs are not able to live on anything at the gym! The BioZone seal on your door builds customer loyalty.


Sanitize Cars, Trucks, RVs, Limos and Fleets

Sanitized interior of carSpending time in any kind of vehicle will make allow odors to flourish. BioZone treatment will turn every surface into an odor sponge that destroys the causes of bad odors.  BioZone can be applied to the ventilation system, all fabrics, and surfaces. Better yet, it deals with odors and germs for up to three months.  Also works great for buses, airplanes, police cars, taxis after cleaning to destroy bad odors as well as germs.




Sanitize Schools, Day Care Centers, and Play Areas

The emphasis on cleaning schools, days centers, and play areas is simply not enough.  It has become commonSanitized day care center / preschool knowledge that these child-intensive program are notorious infection transfer sites for nearly every disease making the rounds. Disease passed through these areas then pass through the family. For many, the toleration of disease exposure is part of the cost of raising a family in our society. This is more than unfortunate because an illness is only part of the problem. Lost work, health complications, and death may be avoided with a small elevation in infection prevention. BioZone Protectant is the affordable and practical solution to a sizable reduction strategy of infectious threats.


Sanitize Medical Offices, Hospitals, Senior Care, Therapy Centers

Sanitized waiting roomIndependent lab testing shows that the BioZone antimicrobial treatment is capable of dramatic reduction of microbial threats. Cleaning is always essential, but adding a BioZone Protectant treatment on a regular cycle can provide extraordinary microbial reductions at high as 99% over a 30-60 cycle. The fact that BioZone Protectant can be applied with a minimum of interruption is important. BioZone application is certainly less expensive than gallons of disinfectants, many hours of paid labor, and the fact that there is no residual protection in these traditional sanitizing methods.


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